Class Level Descriptions

Iyengar Basics – Level 1
Basics is where to start if you are a beginning student. This class introduces you to the fundamental principles of yoga and the Iyengar system. Step by step instruction is given on the fundamentals of body alignment through yoga postures.  Students develop their ability to practice yoga safely and to understand its beneficial effects. It is recommended to attend this level for 3-6 months.

Iyengar Foundation – Level 1-2
This class is the perfect choice for new students or students looking to build a stronger foundation to their practice.  In this class we work to build strength, stability and ease focusing on classical standing poses, seated poses, and relaxation poses.   In these classes students with previous injuries, weaknesses or limitations are supported to develop a strong, steady, intelligent yoga practice.    Students can stay at this level for 6 months to 12 months or more.

Practice and Refinement – Level 2
Practice and Refinement is a step up from Basics and Level 1. This faster paced,  mixed level class encourages students to cultivate a consistent, personalized,  and informed practice enabling the student to benefit from the powerful effects of yoga. This class  introduces students to a range of poses including beginning forward and back extensions as well as twisting postures and the beginnings of inversions.  This level was formerly known as All Levels.

Power of Practice – Level 3
The Power of Practice deepens the students’ awareness and experience of the more subtle and profound aspects and effects of asana. Having attained a level of stability and ease, students hold asanas for longer periods of time and begin the journey to reflection and meditation in asana. At this level students are strongly encouraged to practice at home regularly so that their personal understanding of yogic postures begins to fuel their understanding of refinements taught in class.

(various class names) – Level 4
This level is for experienced students only; we ask that you get the permission from the instructor to participate in these sessions. It is not always essential to be advanced in performing asana per se, what is most important is that one’s practice has the quality of ahimsa (non-violence); it is mindful and sensitive including self-observation and analysis to prevent injury and build greater self-mastery. At this level students are encouraged to read yogic texts including the writings of BKS Iyengar to improve their understanding the broader scope of the system of yoga. Sutra readings are generally incorporated at this level.

Healing/Restorative – Open Level
Restorative poses are stress relieving sequences of asanas performed with significant support of props and is ideal for students that prefer a class with a very relaxed pace. Healing/Restorative is a powerful antidote to being “stressed out”, weakened or fatigued.  Allowing the body to be supported in restorative postures together with conscious breathing brings balance back to the physical and energy bodies and a clear calmness to the mind.

In the Iyengar tradition, therapeutics play an important role in the spectrum of asana and teachers certified at higher levels are allowed to guide students through powerful sequences to support and heal various conditions. Students with special issues are given sequences of postures designed as a “therapy” to treat their individual conditions. Typically these include back care, joint issues, energetic/hormonal imbalances, lack of mobility due to injury, and much more. Currently Laura Allard-Antelmi is the only teacher in the studio certified to teach “Therapeutic” classes in the Iyengar tradition. Back Care Class is open to all students and provides a sequence of asanas to prevent or treat back pain.

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