Studio Policies

These policies ensure your safety, respect for and enjoyment of other students, and the smooth sustainable operation of the studio to provide our clients with a quality experience.

Payment and Sign In

  • Please take care to sign in accurately and correctly in the book before class.
  • If you have an active membership or class card remove your card from the filing box, record the day’s class on the card if applicable (i.e. class packs require that you record the classes you attend and monthly memberships do not) and give the card to your instructor.
  • If you are dropping in or buying a new class package please pay the instructor for the membership you want to buy and then fill out your card completely. Next time you come to the studio your card will be filed under your last name.

Studio Etiquette

  • Be at class on time. Allow yourself 10 minutes to take care of payment or sign in and to set up your mat and props before class begins.
  • Silence phones and other devices before entering the studio. If you forget and your phone begins ringing, please turn it off right away.
  • Wear shorts or footless leggings so that the instructor can see the alignment of your hips, knees, and ankles. Avoid baggy clothes, dangling jewelry, and perfume.
  • Cleanliness is important for your health and the comfort and enjoyment of others. Your clothes and your body should be clean when you come to class.
  • Remove your shoes immediately upon entering the studio. Please no shoes on the wood floor.
  • If you need to leave class early, be sure to take a 5-minute Savasana (relaxation pose) before you go. The final relaxation at the end of class is sacred and we ask that you not disturb the class during Savasana (final relaxation).
  • If a class is crowded, please make room for the mats of other students without being asked. This just means it’s a good class!

To Get the Best Experience in Class

  • Be sure to let the instructor know if you have any injuries or physical limitations before the class begins so that they are aware of them and can make sure you get the most out of the class and do it safely.
  • For your comfort, it is best to practice yoga with an empty stomach. We recommend 2-3 hours after a full meal and best case would be at least 1 full hour with no food.
  • Drink water before and after class.
  • If the instructor asks you to do something you do not feel that you can do safely, then please listen to yourself and just politely let the instructor know.  In many cases, the instructor may be able to provide a more suitable alternative.

Refund & Make-up Policy

All payments are non-refundable and non-transferable. Class and workshop fees are subject to change without notice. There is no carry-over of classes or payment from one session to another. If you feel you have a legitimate reason to request something different, please contact us and we will consider it. NOTE: In the event of inclement weather, we may cancel classes and if so, will post that information on Laura’s Twitter feed.